CEOs of Tomorrow, Inc

About Us

CEOs of Tomorrow, Inc.  believes in investing in youth early on in life with the gift of social entrepreneurship education. That’s why we were born – to shape our community-minded youth and arm them with tools to make a positive social change. We define social entrepreneurship as creating a business that can solve a social problem or benefit the community.

We offer engaging and hands-on workshops for young innovators and problem solvers who are inspired to shape and influence their world. Youth learn how to take social issues they’re passionate about and turn them into real businesses that help their communities in meaningful ways. Ultimately, they discover how to make a profit and address important community social problems at the same time!

The workshops are also designed to strengthen critical thinking, leadership skills, self-responsibility, confidence, and problem-solving skills—all traits that can transfer to success both in school and beyond.

Please watch our informational video to learn more about CEOs of Tomorrow, Inc.