These Teens Mean Busines$ Internship (Gr. 9-12)

Provided by
CEOs of Tomorrow, Inc

Dual Credits
This is a unique opportunity is for aspiring teen entrepreneurs to gain first-hand experience working along side local entrepreneurs. In These Teens Mean Busines$ Internship Program, teens will further explore entrepreneurship while applying knowledge and skills learned in the TTMB Course and/or TTMB Incubator in a work setting. The experience also helps students gain a clearer sense of what they still need to learn and provides an opportunity to build professional networks.

Who qualifies?
Any student who has completed our These Teens Mean Busines$ Summer Course and/or Incubator.

If selected to participate, you will:

  • Acquire on-site knowledge of small business and entrepreneurship
  • Gain practical experience within the small business environment
  • Work with and learn from actual entrepreneurs
  • Apply learned classroom knowledge and skills in a work setting
  • Develop a greater understanding about entrepreneurial options while more clearly defining personal career goals
  • Receive specialized training and ongoing mentoring and support
  • Earn college and high school credits!
  • Be paid a $550 stipend!

Interested youth must complete and submit an online application.

Registration opens March 1. Space is limited.
Madison College is wheelchair accessible.
We Believe in ALL Children! The policy and intent of CEOs of Tomorrow, Inc. is to provide equal opportunity for all youth regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, family composition, sexual orientation, gender, income, disability, and any other status protected under federal, state, or local laws. We promote respect and welcome and value diversity.