The Salvation Army After-School Program

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The Salvation Army After-School and Summer Camp

The Salvation Army's After-School Program provides educational and recreational activities in a safe environment! Each day we offer a Kindergarten - 2nd grade class and a 3rd - 5th grade class focusing on various topics.

Additionally, children will be given homework time every day and unique educational opportunities
facilitated by community partners at least twice a week.  A snack for participants and a
community dinner (served at 5) is also provided.

All children interested in attending After-School must be within the range of Kindergarten - 5th grade.
All participants must attend After School at least three days a week on a regular basis in order to maintain enrollment in the program.
A fee of $15 dollars per child for the academic school year must be paid by the first day of After-School. (However, we can offer help with paying in increments.)

The Salvation Army runs a limited bus route to pick up children from Emerson Elementary School and Hawthorne Elementary School. The Public Schools Bus Route for Lowell Elementary School drops students off at The Salvation Army Community Center entrance.  Any child who attends these schools is welcome to use these services.  Students who do not attend these schools are still welcome at After-School, but will need to find their own transportation.

After-school runs from 1:15 to 5pm on Mondays, and 2:45 to 5pm on Tuesdays through Fridays.  Again, with dinner following from 5:00 - 5:30pm.


Cost is $15 dollars per child for the academic year.
If you need to pay your 15 dollars per child incrementally, please contact us at (608) 250-2257
Please contact us at (608) 250-2232 or visit The Salvation Army Community Center for an After-School application.
Building contains ramps and elevators.
We will work with children with disabilities and their families to individualize their care to the best of our ability. We have worked with children with learning disabilities in the past.
Transportation is provided by The Salvation Army from Emerson and Hawthorne Elementary Schools. Transportation to The Salvation Army is provided by the Madison Public School Bus Route from Lowell Elementary School.
Some of our staff have limited sign language and Spanish speaking skills.