Riding Lesson Program at the Stables

Provided by
La Fleur Stables LLC / Madison Riding Academy LLC

We provide affordable English-Saddleseat style horse instruction from beginners to advanced competitors, from ages 4 years to Adult. 

It is the horse who is the athlete and the rider is more like the driver or director.  

BEGINNER riders commitment — 
1. They must develop a good relationship based on caring and trust, which will lead to mutual respect.
2. Must learn to sit on the horse — in virtually all situations, while maintaining BALANCE, centering and grounding.  DEVELOPING A GOOD SEAT.
3. They must learn to communicate, which essentially means learn to listen and understand.

These are the FOUNDATION SKILLS that a GOOD rider must be able to impart successfully to the equine. 

example— This would be like a piano teacher giving her beginnings students lessons on playing Beethoven sonatas, rather than learning the fundamental piano skills, playing scales until your hands know where every key is.

Intermediate / Advance Rider understand what basic skills the equine must have —
1. Takes the foundation work very seriously
2. Shows determination, dedication, and work ethic to work on a GOOD SEAT and devised this way of doing so.

Horses are very high maintenance!!

The benefits of riding include independence, self awareness, self esteem and creativity.  As well as all the psychological benefits, riding is great physical exercise. 

La Fleur Stables/Madison Riding Academy invites everyone aged four through adult to enjoy and participate in our Riding programs. 

We offer all levels of riding and driving. Instruction will include:
    •    How to conduct yourself safely around horses
    •    Proper horse care - Cleaning, Grooming, Tacking
    •    Types and colors of horses
    •    Horsemanship
    •    Sportsmanship
    •    Showmanship in the ring
    •    Horse anatomy and psychology

Horses help with…
    •    Exercising
    •    Increasing Self Awareness
    •    Doing something for ONE’s self
    •    Learning a new skill
    •    Caring for HORSES & PONIES
    •    Hands On by challenging people to look at themselves and the world in a new way.
    •    Helps with progress and achieve their goals 
    •    Lowers blood pressure and heart rate, alleviates stress
    •    Reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression.
    •    Helps people struggling with addictions and mental health disorders 
    •    Identifying and coping with feelings
    •    Communication Skills
    •    Setting Boundaries
    •    Overcoming Fears
    •    Trust

About our Lesson Horses! They vary in skill and temperament from those suited for very beginners to those suited for riders who compete nationally.
    1    Our Goal is to keep our everyone safe.  
    2    Our second goal is to make everyone experience FUN and incredibly enjoyable.  
    3    Our third goal is to help our riders to  achieve their own personal horsemanship goals -whatever that may be!

Types of Riding Programs we offer:
TINY TOT LESSONS --- Ages 4-6 year olds 
GROUP LESSONS -- Advancing your riding skills and with companions sharing your LOVE with the horses.  Group lessons are a great way learn while riding and having other in the lessons.  Usually not anymore than 6 people in a lesson with ALL level of riders and horses. 

Tiny Tot /Group Lessons ALL Year around with Flexible scheduling
Tuesday 3:30, 4:15, 5, 5:45
Wednesday 4, 4:45, 5:30
Thursday 11, 11:45, 12:30
Friday 11, 11:45,
Saturday 11, 11:45, 12:30, 1:15
PRIVATE LESSON --- One to One Riding Riding Lesson instruction. Work on one skills with Rider, Horse & Instructor as a team.  by appointment only
Evaluation Lesson--"Report Card" One rider to One instructor
Lunge Line Lessons -- Is one of the BEST lesson to take.  It teaches you balance and how to properly position your body while riding.  

ATTIRE for RIDING PROGRAMS --- Lessons, Camps, Parties, Scouts, Troops and Competitions

Cancellation Policy -- 24 Hour Notice of Cancellation is required. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of Lesson and lesson fee. No refund or credit will be given for failure to cancel or complete a lesson session.  If bad weather the stables follow City of Madison protocol.

1 Lesson $65.00 4 Lesson Package $180.00
Waiver fill out before riding