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Kindermusik with Debbie LLC

Watch your child blossom!!  Joyful Music and Movement program for children birth through age 7.  Classes for:
Babies (and caretaker)
Toddlers (and caretaker)
Big Kids (5-7 year olds)
In the classes for Big Kids, your child will learn to read and write real music and play 3 different instruments.  They will also learn the instruments of the orchestra, about some famous composers, and real musical terms and symbols (i.e. piano, forte, crescendo, quarter rest, eighth notes, etc...)

Come to a free Preview Class!
School Year programs and shorter Summer programs.
Classes held at: 5210 Odana Rd. Madison, WI (Near Westgate Mall and the beltline)

variable--depending upon the class. Classes meet once a week. School year costs (September through May) Total of tuition for 30 classes + 2-4 sets of Home Materials = TOTAL Cost, which is divided into 9 equal monthly installments (Sept. through May) Join anytime, and costs will be pro-rated.
Register online to reserve your child's spot.
Entrance from Parking lot is wheel chair accessable. Inside, there is a lift that will bring a wheel chair down to the level of the class room for easy access.
We have had children in our program with mild autism who have done very well. The music is therapeutic. We've also had children with limited or delayed mobility who have enjoyed the program with appropriate adaptations.