Karate/Martial Arts Starter Program

Provided by
Infinity Martial Arts

Our starter program is a six week introductory course.    We always start with a one on one introductory lesson to meet our instructors, take a tour of the facility, and take your first lesson to prepare for your first class!

Our Little Ninja program is designed for students ages 4 and 5 years old.
Our Kinder Kicker program is for children ages 6 and 7 years old.

Because every child in these age groups have different attention span, focus skills, coordination and fitness levels, the Little Ninja and Kinder Kicker classes are designed to build on these skills.  It is less of a traditional martial arts class and more of a “Pre-Karate” class.  The Kinder Kickers will move at faster pace than the Ninja Program and will have a larger curriculum that will be covered.   

Kids Karate is for children age 8-12 years old.
We also have an excellent Teen & Adult program!

These programs have something for everyone!  Learn Self Discipline, balance and control through traditional martial arts training. 
Gain agility, speed, power and flexibility through our sport karate training. 
Build the confidence to stand up to any bully or challenge with our practical Self-Defense training. 
Take what you learn on the mats to your everyday life.  Skills like leadership, respect, focus, and goal setting are a part of every class.


Our Starter Program is $69 for 6 Weeks of Classes, and a Uniform.
Please contact us for registration. 608-831-3332 or email: info@InfinityMA.com
Our facility is ADA accessible.
Our programs offer many benefits for students on the autism and ADD spectrum. We have also been successful in working with students with physical disabilities as well.