Camp Caboose

Provided by
Red Caboose Child Care Center, Inc.

For us to provide a high quality After School Program, we maintain a ratio of 1 teacher to 10-12 children, a nourishing snack, and a variety of cooperative play and learning opportunities for your child. Our program is child centered.  It allows time for quiet play and reading, active and outdoor play, field trips, small and large group and individual activities.  Activities are also offered in the areas of arts and crafts, construction, small manipulatives, games, dramatic play, science, computer, and cooking.

The main emphasis in our program is on the social and emotional development of children. The most important goal for the children in our care is that they feel safe, comfortable, nurtured and loved at Red Caboose.  We strive to help children learn that people are different, and that this is good.  We foster friendships and relationships among the children, and between the children and teachers.

We strongly believe in learning through play, with lots of hands-on and sensory experiences. We provide a rich environment with many opportunities for children to experience materials and activities in all areas (dramatic play, dance/art/ music, early literacy and math, science, motor coordination).  We have a balance of child-initiated play and teacher-directed activities. We provide many opportunities for children to make choices.

Visit our website for rates and fees.
Red Caboose accepts all subsidy programs. Scholarships are available.
An enrollment packet is available online or at the Marquette front office.
Our program is located in a MMSD school and meets ADA requirements.
Red Caboose has a strong tradition of serving all children, including those with special educational, emotional, and physical needs and handicaps.
Enrollment and School Age Program Director speak English and Spanish.