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Who We Are
Futura Language Professionals is a community-based organization dedicated to teaching the Spanish language and promoting enthusiasm for the cultures it represents. All Futura programs foster an appreciation for other cultures and promote cultural sensitivity while motivating students to learn using a unique and dynamic approach to instruction.

Our Mission
Is to create lifelong language learners by revolutionizing early language instruction to mimic that of first language acquisition, and to provide dynamic courses, which foster a love of the Spanish language by all participants.

Our Curriculum Opportunities
  •  Elementary Spanish Program- Traditional 10-Level System
  • ¡Vamos!: - Theme-based Adventure Series for Grades K-6
  • ¡Los Chiquitos! - Preschool Curriculum for Ages 3-6
  • Amistades Futuras - Comprehensive Middle School Program
Our Partners
Futura Language Professionals partners with local schools, Community Education and Recreation Departments as well as other community-based organizations to provide long-term language instruction. Our classes can be integrated into the school schedule or implemented before or after the traditional school day. Programs can be parent, school, or grant funded and all curriculums can be adapted to meet any particular need.

​Futura Language Instructors

Futura teachers come from a wide range of backgrounds ranging from students completing Education and Spanish degrees, to native speakers wanting to promote
a love of their native language, to teachers with Masters degrees in Spanish and related fields. All Futura teachers share a love of the Spanish language and the cultures it represents, as well as experience working with children. Most Futura instructors come from either native language backgrounds or have participated in lengthy immersion experiences in Spanish-speaking countries. Our Spanish teachers go through a comprehensive interview process, which includes reference and background checks. They also take part in an annual extensive training course. All Futura instructors are observed throughout the semester and supported with
formal feedback and assistance.

In The Classroom

Futura’s unique method, the Building Block Method of Learning®, is a dynamic hands-on approach to teaching the Spanish language, which uses songs, games and cultural components. Because our courses are lively and hands-on, worksheets are not often incorporated. Therefore, we provide students with newsletters to share with their families at home to ensure further practice, as well as to communicate what was learned each class. We are confident that our methodologies will promote a love of the Spanish language and will encourage children to continue Spanish studies in high school and beyond.

Learning Language at a Young Age

  • Improves a child’s understanding of grammar and syntax in his/her native language
  • Increases job opportunities across many fields and better prepares students for college
  • Improves performance on standardized tests, including the SAT
  • Boosts confidence and improves self esteem
  • Exercises the part of the brain, which processes information and improves speech and sensory perception.

Why is Learning A Second Language Important?

America’s increasing diversity and continued globalization demand that students develop linguistic and cultural skills that people in all corners of the world receive as a part of their core academic schedules. Effective language programs like ours provide affordable solutions:
  • Engage students in critical thinking and encourage creative thought processes
  • Encourage problem solving and decision making
  • Promote cultural sensitivity and awareness
  • Expand global competence
  • Foster communication and collaboration with others
Language Translates to Future Success in a Global Economy
400 million people in the world speak Spanish and many of them are right in our backyards! The United States is the 4th largest Spanish speaking country in the world and Hispanics are the largest and fastest growing minority in the country. By 2050 24% of the U.S. population is expected to be Hispanic.

Intelligence plus character--that is the goal of true education.

- Martin Luther King, Jr.
The Future Speaks Spanish
and So Can You….
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We partner with school and district officials to use grant funds to provide long-term, academically enriching Spanish programs at schools throughout the country.
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