Madison Empowering Movement Opportunity

Who We Are:

At MEMO, we aim to cultivate an environment that celebrates the Black and Brown legacy of hip hop while simultaneously empowering kids through movement via creativity, storytelling, and community within Madison, WI and beyond. By emphasizing the importance of knowledge, movement, expression, and presentation, MEMO seeks to instill within youth the agency to assert their authenticity and affect change, all on the basis of equity, diversity, and justice.

In an effort to make our services affordable and accessible to all communities, we function on a low cost and/or volunteer basis.

What We Do:

Our methods of impact include:
- community partnerships (schools/daycare centers
- youth/community centers, arts-associated organizations, etc.)
- interactive events (day camps, workshops, conventions, etc.)
- artistic/community collaborations
- social media outreach (video series, guest spotlights, interactive media, tutorials, concept videos, etc.). 

Our short-term goals are ever-changing, but by way of our methods of impact, we hope to amplify and instill within youth the importance of self-expression and the power that each of us hold to affect change.