Dance Life Studio & Fitness

Dance Life is Madison's premiere center for alternative dance and fitness classes. While primarily geared towards adults. we have many kid-friendly classes available!

Looking to build coordination, grace, strength, and body confidence? Our belly dance classes are incomparable! While many view belly dancing as a "sexy" dance that might be inappropriate for children, this is a common misconception- belly dance is a beautiful art form for all ages, body types and genders that exposes students to Middle Eastern music and dance culture. Unlike many other types of dance in the United States, belly dance embraces and celebrates a variety of body types. 

Looking for a fitness-based class to get your heart pumping? Travel all over the world at Dance Life. We offer Zumba, and a variety of other follow-the-bouncing-bum fitness classes, including Masala Bhangra (Indian-style Zumba), OULA (created right here in the Midwest in Missoula, MN), and CIZE dance (the end of exercise!).

We offer a variety of other technique and fitness classes including hip hop, ballet, Tribal fusion belly dance, Bollywood and Classical Indian fusion dance troupes, PiYo-Pilates Yoga Fusion, Piloxing, Hula Hoop Fitness and more. 

Our newcomer deals can't be beat! Pick one of our four different offers: 4 classes free, 10 class punch card for $29, 20 class punch card for $45, or 2 unlimited months for $85. 

See our website for the full class descriptions and video teasers, our hours, prices, location and more.