Youth-Business Mentoring Program

Provided by
Common Wealth

Common Wealth has been providing area teens with training and enriching first job experiences since 1991. With the current economic climate, the unemployment rate for the nation’s teens is approximately triple that of adults. Our Youth-Business Mentoring Program helps level the playing field.

Our Youth-Business Mentoring Program provides youth an intensive three week pre-employment training, followed by a job placement with a supportive business. We begin by teaching teens how to effectively find, apply for, and interview for jobs.

After a teen successfully completes our training, the real fun begins! We place participants in a real-world job and, together with their workplace supervisor, our staff mentor program participants during their job placements, focusing on how to keep and excel in a job once they have one. This double-mentoring ensures a youth has the support he or she needs to make the most of their employment opportunity and overcome problems that may arise in a first job.

The Youth-Business Mentoring Program is available to youth who are 14 - 17 years of age.

Youth must apply to participate in on our program sessions throughout the year. For the schedule of upcoming sessions, please visit our website or contact the Youth Programs Manager at (608) 256-3527 ext. 21 or
Each three-week training session is held at a public high school, which are ADA Accessible.
We have two bilingual staff members who speak Spanish and are available to answer questions and translate when needed.