Summer Dance Classes

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Mary's School of Dance, LLC


Gives students an opportunity to explore the world of dance through singing and dancing. These classes help kids on their motor skills – hopping, skipping, jumping etc. For ages 3 to 5.
Duration: 30 min lessons once a week

Ballet & Pointe

Ballet is the foundation for all forms of dance. In these classes you will learn the fundamentals to develop Self Confidence and Poise.
Duration:  Beginning Ballet: 3o mins once a week.
Advanced Classes: 60-90 mins once a week


For Children and Adults, Tap helps with co-ordination and is a great way to work up a sweat! In these classes you learn the basic Tap skills and dance to some exciting music.
Duration:  Beginning Tap : 30 mins once a week
Advanced Classes: 45 mins once a week


These classes are designed for children aged 8 and up. Class includes techniques such as isolation, jazz-hands, lindy among others.
Duration:  Beginning Jazz: 30 mins once a week
Advanced Jazz: 45 mins once a week.

Hip Hop

Designed for Kids aged 9 and up. Learn the latest moves in Hip Hop dance.
Duration:  Beginning Hip Hop : 30 mins once a week
Advanced Classes: 45 mins once a week

Polynesian / Hula

These classes are designed with aloha spirit- both for children and adults! Class includes traditional Hawaiian chants along with modern hula , Maori poi balls  along with Tahitian.
Duration:  Beginning Hula: 30 mins once a week
Advanced Classes: 45 mins once a week.

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Fees vary according to age, level, length of class, number of classes per week.
Call or email to register for classes.


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