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Vera Court Neighborhood Center, Inc

Vera Court Neighborhood Centers Rise program provides intensive academic programming for middle and high school students, supporting immediate school success and future college/career success. Students engage in intensive, hands-on tutoring that promotes literacy and math proficiency in a college preparatory atmosphere.

Rise provides in-school and after-school tutoring, academic case management, and college readiness activities, addressing the need for academic support as students transition from elementary to middle school, and succeed in high school and collegiate academics. The Rise Program Coordinator works closely with students' families, teachers, and other program volunteers to ensure each student succeeds academically, and is prepared for success in, and graduation from, high school.

Rise emphasizes school success and creates a space of empowerment for future college students that includes personal support for each student, high academic standards, competent tutors, and youth-led goal setting.

The Middle School RISE Program is available Monday-Friday from 3:30-5:30pm during normal school year programming.
The High School RISE Program is available Tuesday-Thursday from 5:30-8:30pm during normal school year programming. 

The RISE program requires all participants to register for programming with the centers Middle School/High School Coordinator. At the time of registration the Coordinator will let parents/guardians know if there is a slot available in the program or if the child will need to be placed on the waiting list. Please contact Grace Moran at the Vera Court Neighborhood Center for more information on program registration.
The Vera Court Neighborhood Center has wheelchair access on the West side of the building. The centers public playground also has wheelchair access to all play structures. At this time the center does not have wheelchair accessible transportation.
Vera Court does not offer specific services for individuals with special needs or disabilities but does work with families on a case by case basis to see if the general services we offer work for the individual or family. Accommodations can be made on a case by case basis, please call the Middle School/High School Coordinator Grace Moran to discuss how the center can work with your family.
The High School Rise program provides transportation home at 8:30pm, there is NO pick up transportation available. The Middle School Rise program has no transportation available
The Vera Court Neighborhood Center has 3 Spanish/English Bi-Lingual staff available from 9:00-5:30pm Monday - Friday to provide communication and translation services to families. The Rise program is taught in English but all registration materials, permission slips and general program communication is available in Spanish.