Maker Club

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Maker clubs combine technology, engineering, art and do-it-yourself culture. Youth create, innovate, design and build projects. Through making youth learn technology and engineering skills, create a vision and then build the product. Thus, while tinkering activities have particular parameters and goals e.g., making a musical instrument or a working pinball machine, they are intentionally designed to support multiple pathways and to suggest a range of solutions. They might include electronic components, computer programming, art or 3D printing. During the club, youth design, create, tinker, fix, modify, and collaborate. They will get to show off their creations and then bring them home. The process of getting stuck and then unstuck is at the core of successful maker clubs. Youth will solder, code and use a hot glue gun during Maker Club. 

E-mail for additional program information and to register.
Program offered in a wheel chair accessible space.