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Madison Starlings volleyball Club is a local Madison Chapter of the National Starlings Volleyball Club.  We committed to providing club volleyball access and experience to all kids, regardless of economic status.  Our club is open to boys and girls 6th through 11th graders, at multiple locations, including Warner Community Center, Goodman Community Center on Waubesa St, Salvation Army, Jefferson Middle School, Wright Middle School and Lussier Community Education Center.

About Us

Local high school teams do not reflect the racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic diversity of the schools they represent in Dane County, as these varsity and junior varsity teams are dominated by athletes whose families can afford off-season play. The cost of most volleyball clubs, as well as the need for transportation and parental time commitment often exclude many economically challenged or stressed families.

Madison Starlings exists to provide free or reduced cost quality volleyball coaching and experiences to youth who might otherwise not get to play advanced volleyball past the basic MSCR classes.   Starlings also works to develop mentoring and coaching from within the program, to reward hard work and giving back by the students, as well as to provide job skills and possible career options. This then advances the benefit cycle for all as they age through the program. 

Madison Starlings continues to seek volunteers from parents, local supporters, and the community to serve as coaches, drivers for rides, and helpers to support the program.  The local program was started by a parent of a minority child who was middle class and saw very little diversity of economics, race, and life experience in the current club volleyball world, from which the pool of high school teams pulls from.

Madison Starlings is committed to helping reduce the disparity of opportunity in Dane County, and dedicates itself to providing opportunity to all, thus hopefully reducing tragic outcomes in later life. 

Tryouts begin October 7th, but much more specific detail on the website   

Questions, call Director Lauri Schwartz 608 335-3953 or email


$50 membership in Badger region or $25 membership for free/reduced lunch membership
Scholarships to reduce membership to half price for those who are free/reduced lunch.
go to to register as a new member of badger region, or come to the first practice and try out the practice and then complete membership.


  • Wright Middle School, 1717 Fish Hatchery Rd, Madison, WI 53713
  • Goodman Community Center, 149 Waubesa St, madison, WI 53704
  • Warner Community Center, 1625 Northport Dr, Madison, WI 53704
  • Salvation Army Gymnasium, 3030 Darbo Drive, madison, WI 53704



Lauri Schwartz
(608) 335-3953
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