Kids Martial Arts Class

Provided by
Journey Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy

Dear Friends & Parents,

I’m Alex Andreev Owner here at Journey Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy. As an instructor with extensive experience teaching kids martial arts, there is nothing better than seeing them grow firsthand.

That’s why I say that more important than the martial arts skills they develop… are the personal skills they master and apply in real life.

Because martial arts kids classes are so much more than just kicking and punching or earning a belt.

Alex Andreev

  • Focus & Discipline
    • With all the mobile devices and distractions these days, it’s harder than ever to get kids to focus on what’s important. Through our techniques and mat chats, kids will learn valuable social skills, motor skills, and discipline to focus and perform important tasks.
  • Excersize and Functional Movement
    • Our action-packed games, activities, drills give kids a great workout over a one-hour period of time. They’ll burn the excess sugar, and they’ll become stronger and healthier in a very short span of time! The best part? Kids won’t even know they’re exercising because the fitness is disguised as FUN.
  • Self Defense and Bully Prevention
    • 1 in 4 kids report they were bullied during the school year. Don’t let your child be a statistic.  Journey’s martial arts kids classes teach children to read the body language of bullies and the exact way to respond so that they shut down bully behavior in its tracks. Your child will feel safer at school, in social situations, and pretty soon they’ll be standing up for other kids too :).
  • They’ll Stick With It Because It’s FUN!
    • While we teach our children to work hard and train hard in our kids martial arts madison classes… They also laugh and smile too! Comon, these are kids we’re dealing with here! Journey’s classes are a safe place for kids to socialize, grow, and make long-time friends.
  • Beginner & Family Friendly Environment
    • Journey members are community Moms, Dads, Professionals, and Tradesmen in the Madison Area who are trying help their children become the best they can be. Kids will always be encouraged to go at their own pace and comfort level, with online videos and resources to compliment their training.
$45/week or $25/class