KEVA Schools Out Camps

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KEVA Sports Center

What is KEVA Schools Out Camp?
--KEVA runs a Half Day PM child care camp for children ages 5-12
--Camp is ran Monday-Friday from 1pm-5:15pm
--Our School's Out Camp is also ran on weeks of Winter Breaks, Spring Breaks, and Days off of School like MLK Day 

How does Camp work?
--Each day the kids are split up into age groups and play different games throughout the afternoon; our agendas ensure we have a fresh list of games for the kids 
--Aside from playing games on our Indoor Fields and Courts the kids will also spend time on our 2 playgrounds, game room and our Outdoor Field/Sand Courts
--Each afternoon parents check their child in  around 1, their child plays and has a PM snack then gets picked up between 4:30-5:15
--Our trained coaching staff ensure the kids get to play fun and wacky games throughout the day while remaining safe and learning problem solving skills
--While we try to provide a few structured games each day, we also make sure the kids get some supervised Free Play options to just have fun and do what they'd like to do with the space we have
--If your child has a virtual learning class/commitment during their time at KEVA we have a quiet place for kids to work, just communicate with staff when the class is and what needs to be done and we will ensure your child is ready!

Why KEVA Camps?
--It's no secret that kids have been behind a computer screen a ton this past year, KEVA takes pride in being able to offer a safe environment in which kids can not only burn off the built up energy and have fun, but to play and socially interact with their peers again
--The precautions and procedures our staff have result in clean and safe equipment 
--We are flexible with sign ups, some kids need care all week while others only come one day of the week

What kind of games do you play at Camp?
--All kinds! 
--Classic sports like Baseball, Flag Football, and Soccer
-School Yard Games such as Capture the Flag, Dodge ball, and Scooters
-Crafts and Games like Guess Who, Apples to Apples, and Coloring Pages

Half Day PM 1-5:15 $150 per week (Monday-Friday)- early bird pricing can be found on website Don’t need a full week? $40 per day – Call in to register for individual days
KEVA uses a program called DASH for all regestration for camp. In order to register a DASH account must be created, this can be done online or any of our staff can help over the phone