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SSFP delivers high-quality academic instruction during after-school and summer hours. But that’s not all. SSFP is a job for kids. Students conduct research, write and read extensively, and then publish on multiple platforms. Students explore the core subject areas and write across the curriculum. They conduct interviews that focus on science, technology, history, books, current events and financial literacy. Our mission is to spark student success, provide job training, and bridge achievement gaps. SSFP job readiness is a research-backed, project-based program. We look to accomplish multiple goals in helping young people plan for the future. This program stresses practical skills that work at any job site: time management, assignment completion, and communication using technology. A variety of youth internships at local businesses and media outlets are available every summer through SSFP.
Simpson Street Free Press (SSFP) is an extended learning model. We use a content specific curriculum designed to supplement classroom instruction. SSFP is a project-based approach, designed to support the classroom but not replicate the school day. We structure these programs like part-time “jobs.” So, all SSFP programs are free of charge. Parents meet with staff at program enrollment and sign engagement letters.

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All SSFP Programs are free of charge.
Please visit the SSFP website to apply.
All SSFP locations meet ADA accessibility requirements.
SSFP curriculum is adaptable to fit every student's individual learning style. SSFP lesson plans are personalized. Students work one-on-one will skilled editors and teachers. Our newsroom systems emphasize close reading and pre-writing activities. Students with learning disabilities succeed in SSFP programs. For more information please contact us at
SSFP has staff fluent in Spanish and English available to answer questions and communicate with parents. Students in our La Prensa program write in both Spanish and English. Bilingual editors work one-on-one with students.