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Tuscany Language Academy

Tuscany Language Academy is a school of Italian language and culture.
We would like to teach Italian art, language, history and cooking to children any age. We also teach Latin language and culture. We believe these are very 

We can built a program based on your curriculum.
Thank you and do not hesitate to contact me if you have more questions.

The fee is $ 99 dollars per semester per child
Scholarship based on the student's annual income household (the school can also pass me names of interested children who cannot afford to pay).
Child's Name___________________________ Parent/ guardian name and last name______________________________ address and cell ___________________________________________ Special requests or accomodations_____________ Home address____________________ Child age_________ Home spoken language________________________________________ Food allergies or intolerance for some ingredients________________________ Languages of interaction________________
Car parking right in front of the main entrance. Easy ground floor access. Restrooms equipped.
If requested we may provide Spanish and other support