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Earth Focus Day Camp, UW- Madison Arboretum

 Earth Focus Day Camp helps children develop an understanding of how ecosystems work, nurtures a sense of wonder for nature, and guides children as they explore the habitats, plants, and animals of the Arboretum. Children are empowered to be a positive influence on their world. Our naturalists are enthusiastic and experienced, but the real teacher is our most treasured resource: the land. Join us to learn, grow, and be a part of this special place.The day camp consists of five programs: Learning Together is for preschool-aged children, Young Explorers is for kindergartners, Explorers is for elementary-aged school children, Eco-Trekkers is for middle school-aged youth, and Afternoon Adventures is for elementary and middle school ages.

Campers can stay all day by combining a morning session and an afternoon session, with a lunch session in the middle.

Camp activities include outdoor discovery hikes and observations, hands-on science exploration, and nature free play. Returning campers will find new and exciting experiences every year. Children are encouraged to ask questions, play, and share, create, discover, construct, and cooperate.

Learning Together: $25.00 for one morning Young Explorers: 3 mornings, $110.00 Explorers & Afternoon Adventures 3 day program: $105.00 Explorers & Afternoon Adventures 5 day program $175.00 Eco-trekkers & Afternoon Adventures 5 day program $175.00 Lunch 5 days, $25.00 Lunch 3 days, $15.00
We have scholarships available, full or part tuition, based on families need. The criteria we base out need off of is whether the child is available for free/reduced lunches.
Call 608-698-8306 or email for information. Include your mailing address and a brochure will be sent to you. You may see the brochure and print the registration form from website. You will need to return the registration and fees via mail to the UW-Madison Arboretum. Address is in registration materials.
Our building and the grounds around the visitor center is completely accessible.
We will make whatever accommodations are necessary. Please contact us for further information.


  • UW-Madison Arboretum, 1207 Seminole Hwy, Madison, WI 53711


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