Centro Hispano Summer Programs

Provided by
Centro Hispano of Dane County

Summer at Centro is Here!

Come join us at Centro Hispano for new and returning summer programs. Learn about photography, try your hand at recycled art, improve your health, play with bugs, and more!

All programs are free of charge and are conducted in both English and Spanish. See below for program details or contact Centro Hispano Youth Staff at 608-442-4022.

Photo Voice
6th - 8th Grade
Mondays 2pm - 4pm; June 20th - August 8th
Started in 2014 as a civic engagement project for middle school youth, Photo Voice teaches students the basics of photography while helping them explore and share their personal stories with the community. Using digital cameras, students will explore the community surrounding Centro to create a small portfolio of their work. All students will create a piece of photo art to take home with them. Students will also have the opportunity to sell copies of their art at the Latino Art Fair in October.

Upcycled Art
6th - 12th Grade
Wednesdays 2pm - 4pm; June 22nd - August 10th
If you enjoy crafting then this group is for you! Upcycling is the art of creating something new, useful, and more valuable out of something old. Learn to make purses from Starburst wrappers and garden boxes from old tires. In addition to a new project to bring home every day, students will come away with a deeper understanding of recycling, art, and what constitutes "junk."

Sexual Health for Teens
6th - 12th Grade
Thursdays 1pm - 3pm; July 7th - August 11th
Being healthy doesn't just mean exercising and eating right. Among other things, this comprehensive and positive program will cover important topics such as: puberty & anatomy, STDs, body image, sexual orientation, and healthy relationships. Youth participating in this program will cover these topics through a Latino cultural lens - taking into account cultural values and taboos around sexual development. Parents of participants will also have the opportunity to attend a class at the end of the program to better learn how to address these issues with their children.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math)
9th & 10th Grade
Wednesdays & Thursdays 1pm - 3pm; June 22nd - August 10th
The STEM program exposes students to a wide variety of activities & educational experiences to encourage them to explore the sciences. Students will learn from many different university and community professionals through field trips and interactive science experiments. Students will get to explore: DNA Replication, entomology, neuroscience, robotics, and even have the opportunity to pilot a small plane. The STEM program will end with a science fair, where students will have the opportunity to showcase what they've been learning to the local science community.

Basic Art Skills
4th - 7th Grade
Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:30am - 11:30am; June 21st - July 21st
This program will teach participants basic art concepts that they can use in any part of life. Students will learn about lines, mixing colors, water colors, pastels, and other mediums. Students will come home with new art projects every few lessons, and may have the opportunity to participate in a gallery night at Centro later in the summer.

Programs are free.
Please contact Centro if you wish to register for a program. If the program has already started and you wish to join, you may still contact to register.
No stairs/sidewalk ramps
Programs are conducted in both English and Spanish. Bilingual staff.