Camp Beginnings

Provided by
Hike and Heal Wellness, LLC.

Breathing Circle
Camp Beginnings is a youth summer camp where kids learn to breathe, explore and grow in nature through sensory-based play, community building, leadership development and mindfulness programming.

Age-specific curriculum is instructed by certified yoga professionals that double as employed educators in schools or health services. There opportunities for 4-15 year olds.

Participants will walk away with unforgettable memories, new friends, self-regulation skills, a deeper connection to nature, increased self-esteem, self-awareness as well as skills in emotional literacy, problem solving and self-expression.  

Weekly Themes: Families register their children based on age. There are peer mentoring opportunities for Root & Bloom participants (a year long mentoring program). While camp themes vary from session to session, all four major themes will be a part of every week. Sensory-based play, yoga/mindfulness, adventure education and creative arts are the parts that make the vehicle for learning, while nature is the driver that sets it all into motion. 

Daily Themes: Each Monday will center on community building - the groundwork for an impactful week in group development. Tuesdays will be committed to the understanding of breathing, the most fundamental skill of mindfulness. Wednesday's will be grounded in Nature, Thursday's in gratitude and Friday's will focus on creativity. 

Curriculum: We have developmentally designed Camp Beginnings so teaching is scaffolded, building on top of itself for advanced learning. At the same time, basic skills will be taught every week which will serve as a review for returners as well as provide opportunities to showcase work and practice leadership. Camp instructors are certified educators in schools or health services and many double as registered yoga teachers!

Jedi Beginnings
Each Jedi session will be Star Wars themed for 4K - 3rd graders, allowing kids to move through the 'ranks' as they master yoga and mindfulness skills like Yoda. Sensory exploration at nearby parks in the great outdoors will serve as a great connection point between mindfulness and outdoor play. We will try to be outside as long as the weather permits. Luke trained in nature and so will we! Focused on learning self-regulation strategies, this week is a must for parents looking to help their 4-8 year olds be more self-aware and able to express / understand their emotions.

Mindful Beginnings
These two weeks are meant for youth between the ages of 8-14 who need time and routine to feel safe and comfortable to learn in a group. This week will focus on bringing skills centered in mindfulness, yoga and leadership to life outside of camp. Why are these strategies helpful? Why do the adults in my life keep talking about them? What are ways I can begin practicing them on my own? There will be space for youth to explore outside and connect with themselves through their five senses. Wandering/hiking, kayaking, team building, tree climbing, shelter making, and nature identification are all part of the week. Each day will have a theme, and parents get a nightly email with the struggle and success stories of each day. ​These weeks will test camper's physical, mental, emotional and social well-being. Campers will have to problem-solve, cooperate and take healthy risks with like-minded peers. They'll explore through hiking, tree climbing, kayaking, slack-lining, nature connection and prepare for an overnight adventure at Devil's Lake State Park where the opportunities get a little more intense. Here, youth will learn basic - intermediate kayaking skills, knot-tying, belaying techniques, rock climbing on real rock face and go through a fire rite of passage ceremony. This is an awesome opportunity for youth already practicing leadership (oldest child, team sports, orchestra, band, choir, camp mentoring, etc) in their life. It is also a beneficial ​experience for teens who need a boost in self-esteem and/or need to learn skills to build healthy relationships. These leaders will walk away with more confidence and tools to use in everyday life, while having a BLAST doing it! LGBTQ+ highly encouraged to register!!!

If your child is diagnosed with special needs, has an IEP through school or you have received a care plan from a therapist, please share it with us. It is important we have all of the information regarding your child's needs prior to camp for optimal care. This week is intended for children with additional needs and will be staffed with 1:6 instructor to camper ratio with additional volunteers to help with one-on-one intervention. It is important parents know this is not a 'deficit-focused' therapeutic program. Just the opposite, it is a curriculum-based program where campers are taught strategies for a more successful life. It is two weeks dedicated to highlighting camper's personal strengths and talents in non-academic areas of learning. Free time is strategically built into each day to provide campers with opportunities for growth in social-emotional learning and interpersonal skills. Please email Moira with information about your child prior to registration to ensure we can appropriately support your needs. 

$300 for Jedi Beginnings (Two Weeks | 9-12pm | M-F) $695 for Mindful Beginnings
Register online at At checkout, you can pay in full or use coupon code 50OFF to split payment in half to submit a deposit. Upon payment you will receive a confirmation email with a link to fill out enrollment forms.
Youth with autism, aspergers syndrome, ADHD/ADD, diagnosed anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, and related mental-illness will greatly benefit from this day camp experience. Please consult with your child's doctors and reach out to us to answer any questions you may have regarding your child's needs. Our instructors are Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Pathologists, Behavior Interventionists, Music Therapists and Certified Teachers.