BadgerBOTS Afterschool STEM Classes

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BadgerBOTS Afterschool classes are for students currently in 3rd-7th grade. Class fees are between $100 – $125 per student.

Classes will be one day a week for 2 hours from 4:30-6:30 PM and will progress over 5 weeks.

All Afterschool Classes take place at the BadgerBOTS Education Center, 7615 Discovery Drive, Middleton.

Session 1 Schedule - Register by Jan 21, 2019.

Session 1 Schedule

Session 2 Schedule - Register by March 4, 2019.
Session 2 Schedule

Class Topics

Scratch Game Design:

Computer programming concepts and techniques will be taught as students create projects around the theme of Game Design. Small group classes will accommodate students with any level of experience with Scratch. Beginner level students will get step-by-step instruction while more advanced students can work through lessons at their own pace with check-ins from the instructors. 

LEGO Robotics: 

LEGO Robotics for beginners as well as students with some previous experience. We will learn to build and program LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robots using the LEGO Mindstorms programming software. Weekly class challenges will test students to make observations, improve their designs, and practice the engineering design process. The class will also go into how to program sensors to help make our robots more accurate and respond to their surroundings.

3D Printing Lab: 

Learn how to use a computer to design and modify 3D designs and artwork with Tinkercad, a beginner CAD (computer-aided design) program.  Over the five weeks, students will work on various design challenges focusing on developing their skills, as well as their own projects to be 3D printed on our 3D printers. The best part – we will have lots of time to improve designs and re-print as we go! 

Minecraft Modding:

Minecraft Modding will introduce how to make your own personal modifications to Minecraft using an online modding program and Java. Over the class, we will use Minecraft to learn about if-statements, loops, functions, variables, and methods all while we creating mini games like battle arenas and Lucky Blocks. As we code together, the class will also test out our mods by playing all together as a class! 

Roblox Game Dev:

In this class, students will learn the basics of developing their own games in Roblox. We will work together to plan out the steps of game creation, then program game rules in Lua and learn to use Roblox Studio to create and modify the look of our games. Games made in class can be published and played just like real Roblox games!

App Inventor:

App Inventor is a fun and easy way to begin learning how to create Android apps for phones and tablets. The layout of App Inventor is very similar to Scratch, with colorful commands that “click” together, making getting started easy. App Inventor goes beyond Scratch by taking advantage of Bluetooth, GPS, phone sensors and WiFi and allows students to start creating the apps they have always wanted to make.
This class is best for students with previous experience in Scratch or other introductory coding programs.

Questions? Email or call Johanna Taylor, Lead Educator at (608) 831-6479

The cost is $100 - $125 per student.
Program Scholarships: BadgerBOTS offers a limited amount for scholarship funds for program enrollment. If you wish to apply for a scholarship, complete registration but select “I would like to apply for a scholarship”. Next, complete and send in the scholarship application and teacher recommendation. Once received, BadgerBOTS will contact you about your status.
Register online: Our online registration system is called Regpack. If you have registered for a BadgerBOTS program in the past, log into your family account with your email and password. If you are new to BadgerBOTS programs, you will select your session and then make a family account.