MKG International Martial Arts Madison

MKG International Martial Arts Madison is a community that empowers each student to constantly discover their own personal potential, through the highest levels of martial arts training.

MKG International Martial Arts Youth Programs (Ages 4-13)
Our Youth Martial Arts Program is a first and foremost a tool to help students to become better young people in everyday life. We discuss Respect, Self Control, Confidence and Perseverance and other topics in every class to help students learn to be positive influences and role models in their circles of friends and family.

MKG Littles Program (Ages 4 to 6)
Saturdays at 9:30 am

The MKG Littles Program is designed to use martial arts drills and games to develop/improve basic physical motor skills such as balance, coordination strength and speed. The Littles Program is also designed to encourage social skills such as attentive listening, following specific directions, understanding when or when not to talk/play and how to interact to others. These are important skills that young children will be using on a daily basis as they begin to enter into school environments.

MKG Kids Martial Arts Program (Ages 7 to 13)
Monday / Wednesday at 5:00 pm and Saturday at 10:00 am

The MKG Kids Martial Arts Program is our signature youth program that uses techniques, drills and games from a variety of striking arts and grappling arts to develop a well rounded martial arts training experience. Some of the arts that are used to highlight the “punching and kicking” portion of the curriculum are Western Boxing, Muay Thai/Thai Boxing, Jun fan Kickboxing. And some the arts that highlight the  clinching takedowns/throws, ground position, escapes are Judo, Wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Students will gain an appreciation the culture of each art as well as  improving physical attributes such as balance, coordination, speed, strength, timing, sensitivity along with many other attributes.