Lussier Community Education Center, Inc.

The Lussier Community Education Center is a welcoming, green-built space on the grounds of Jefferson Middle School and Memorial High School where people of all ages and walks of life share gifts to support one another and create a just, healthy, vibrant community. We have provided high quality programs to individuals and families from across Madison for 36 years.

In our free K-12 afterschool enrichment programs, we provide youth with a place to receive support and challenge themselves to strive and succeed at every stage of development. We focus our out of school programming on developing the talents of children from low income families and children of color.

The LCEC also provides food for families whose basic needs are not being met; offers support, training, and social enterprises that build employment skills; hosts seniors coming together, socializing, and getting involved; organizes community members to improve life in the community; and creates extraordinary partnerships with nonprofit organizations, businesses, communities of faith, governmental bodies, academic institutions, service clubs and others.