Isthmus Montessori Academy

Our mission is to provide an aid to life through a holistic AMI Montessori Education; helping children achieve their greatest success, develop independence, and live with genuine kindness to others and the world.

Our vision is to help all children of the Madison area reach their highest and unique potentialities. To accomplish this we seek to reflect and inspire the true diversity of our urban setting and to encourage a society of compassionate, responsible, and productive leaders.

Children between the ages two months to 15 years may enjoy principles of the Montessori philosophy while exploring the indoor and outdoor environments of our school. Children will practice grace and courtesy, develop their concentration, coordination, and control of movement through physical education, outdoor exploration, art, music, and dramatic play. We are eager to observe their many creations this summer!

With a focus on climate change, social justice, science, the arts, gardening, and peace; IMA Scouts will enjoy adventures to museums, parks, libraries, and other destinations within Madison and the surrounding areas. Each week will have a different focus and series of activities. The schedule for the Summer Program will be available in April 2016. We encourage children between the ages of five to 15 to get a bus pass and a library card before the program begins!
At the beginning of each week, each child will be equipped with the necessary tools for investigating their wider world. The essential toolkit contains a lab book, a sketchpad, magnifying glass, an archaeologist’s dust brush, a voice recorder, specimen bags, a camera, and more! The children will explore and create music, literature, dance, theater, and an abundance of art and design work as they discover people and places, plants and animals of the past and present.

The daily schedule will provide a snack time, lunchtime, and a rest time for the Toddler and Primary Programs. Weather permitting, all children will be outside everyday.