Intentional Mentoring Incorporated

Intentional Mentoring coaches youth in a positive direction for their mind, body and soul by connecting the gaps between school, community, home and other activities.  We resource and coach mentors through the use of mentor coaches and trainings to work one-on-one with an intentionally paired mentee.  The organization collaborates with schools, families and other organizations to help strengthen connections across the institutional walls.  Mentors work with mentees during prearranged times, and develop a relationship through consistent communication week-to-week.  These mentors may already be working with students, have worked with students in the past, or may just be looking to begin.  Our philosophy follows that everyone who works with students is in a mentoring role, and our goal is to provide tools to make this relationship as intentional as possible.  We also recognize that not every mentoring situation allows for easy access to bridge school, community and home environments; and we look to help facilitate these connections.