Infinity Martial Arts

At Infinity Martial Arts we are known for our Dynamic Instructors, Modern Curriculum and Top Notch Facilities! 

Kids love our classes because they are HIGH Energy, challenging, fun, and the teachers use positive reinforcement to get positive results. 

Parents love our programs because every class has a Life Lesson about Respect, Focus, and Goal Setting, to name a few.  These lessons carry with our students on and off the mats.

Top 5 Benefits of Infinity Martial Arts programs:

1. Leadership Skills and Character Building
Skills such as Focus, Respect and Patience are built into our curriculum and re-enforced is every class.

2. Positive Role Models
We have a diverse set of instructors, and higher ranking students/assistants that lead by example.

3. Martial Arts Athletes
Fitness and Healthy life choices are embed in martial arts. Regardless of  age, or ability, everyone builds strength, flexibility, endurance and agility from our classes!  

4. Self Defense and Self Confidence
There is no greater confidence than knowing you can protect yourself if needed.  Our Self-Defense curriculum combines the most simple and effective pieces of Karate, Jiu Jitsu, and Close Quarter Combat techniques.  It is NOT TRADITIONAL martial arts.  It's a real world, practical, proven system to protect yourself, whether on your feet, or on the ground, including multiple attacker situations. It's also SUPER FUN to learn!

5. A Family that KICKS together, SICKS together
We have programs for everyone!  Martial Arts is something that the whole family can do, learn, and grow together!