Infinity Martial Arts

Infinity Martial Arts offers family-oriented programs.
For kids aged 4-7, we have our Little Ninja and Kinder Kicker Program. Each week during the 8-week rotation, we focus on a different theme. The drills, games and mat chats are designed to include: Focus, Coordination, Respect, Self-Discipline, Control, Self-Defense, Team Work, Fitness, Balance, Memory and more.During each week, the students will earn a “curriculum stripe” on their belt to show they have completed the level. Our instructors cater to each student’s specific skill levels and abilities. We are confident you will start to see positive changes in your child after only a few short weeks of classes.
For kids aged 8-12, our Kids Basic Training program is designed to teach students the fundamentals of martial arts and apply them to forms, sparring and weapon work. In Kids Karate, students develop advanced martial arts skills while still having a fun, rewarding experience.Through top-level curriculum and individualized teaching, students gain valuable life skills that follow them into a successful adulthood. They’ll learn how to set goals for themselves while building confidence, self-discipline and respect.
Parents spend hundreds of dollars on activities for their children in hopes of giving them a better life. In addition to the attributes mentioned above Infinity  teaches public speaking and time management skills in a stimulating, enjoyable and rewarding atmosphere. Our programs allows you to see your kids' abilities grow and their bodies become stronger and more fit. The confidence they build is invaluable and will help them achieve the goals they set in martial arts and beyond.