GIRLS’BIZ, a supported entrepreneurial experience for girls in grades 6, 7 and 8, has been running for almost 20 years in Madison.  This group is sponsored by
Wisconsin Women Entrepreneurs Southcentral (WWE-SC) and co-sponsored by the Foundation for WWE, Inc.  In GIRLS'BIZ, the girls start and run their own group business under the guidance of instructors who are entrepreneurs and have had years of experience teaching this program. 

At each session, the girls learn about business and practice new skills.  They interview entrepreneurs and spend time evaluating their business activities. Each year, the girls choose a company name and work with a designer on their logo.  They create a product survey, learn to network and then administer their survey at a WWE meeting.  Based on the survey results, the girls and the GIRLS’BIZ teachers choose products, price the products, learn how to sell and then actually sell to WWE members in October, and then to the general public at the girls’ own booth at the Women’s Expo in November, and at several other sales venues.   Math becomes real as the girls complete their accounting, pay for the wholesale cost of the products and determine their profit.  The girls also research charities and give away part of their profits. They plan a group activity in the spring.

The program begins September 6, 2016 with an introductory session for girls and parents.  We meet at Keller Williams, on Monona and Broadway.  Then the group meets every Tuesday night from 6:30-8 PM in the fall, and after Christmas break, we meet twice a month through May.   The girls each pay $25 to participate. The group is limited to 15 girls.  Enrollment ends on September 20.